DG Packing Services

DG Packaging ServicesWe specialize in packing of all classes of DG Cargo, supplying of UN approved packaging materials and preparation of DGD (Dangerous Goods Declaration) form. We provide advice on the local regulations and international DG regulations for the safe transportation of Dangerous Goods by air and as well as by sea.Our operation team is head by a senior DG specialist who has over 10 years of experience. All of our operational staff are adequately trained and certified to handle the various aspects of Dg Handling, including Radioactive materials, hazmat transport, IATA and IMDG. We are dedicated to provide the highest level service to all our customers and service partners and ensure that they are satisfied, knowing that their cargo has reached its destination safely. All packing jobs are carried out by us are accordance to the international safety standards, namely IATA DG Regulations and IMDG code.