Oil & Gas Projects

Project Cargo & Break Bulk Services
Teamed up with some best project cargo movers in the world to provide a complete packaged service to entrepreneurs who import/export plant & machinery.We also provide a comprehensive service for setting up projects overseas. We offer loading & lashing is handled by experienced professionals, who understand loading points & weight distribution. You can be confident your precious plant or machinery will not move unduly during transport.Our team of experts and professionals manage all your needs to handle the cargo project. Handling of any kind of over dimensional cargo by sea/air is also taken care of. We have handled erections/ dismantling of projects/sites and stuffing/loading/freight forwarding anywhere in the world.
• Full & Partial Charters
• Loading & Lashing
• Break Bulk shipments
• Consolidation & Packing Containerization
• Site Delivery
• Carrier Selection
• Route Survey
• Advanced Transportation Planning
• Storage
• Custom Clearance
• Loading & Discharge
• Transit Supervision

Floating Crane Transhipping Units
Floating Crane Transhipper Units were developed as an innovative solution to allow massive exports of dry bulk commodities. Our floating crane transhipper units are the result of a unique combination of all ingredients proven to be necessary to excel in the art of transshipment, blending simplicity and robustness. These features are essential to success in logistics operations conducted at sea and avoid maintenance operations, always extremely disadvantageous.Offshore International Logistics (OIL) provides our clients with a well-structured commercial and project management experience in floating cranes combined with a high-level technical expertise. For more than 15 years, our project team has been acquiring an essential know-how in offshore transshipment. OIL’s professional operational team is dedicated to advise you in taking advantage of the flexible, effective and economic solutions for transshipment that floating cranes incarnate where heavy investments would not be reasonable.Oil Specializes in the following floating transhipping units:

  • Offshore Construction
  • Building Oil Rigs
  • Working in rough sea conditions

Offshore Construction
Today, offshore construction establishes the primary use for floating cranes. Whether used to assist in the construction of large ships or in the construction of oil vessels, floating cranes play a vital role in the construction of massive vessels in and around bodies of water all over the world. Construction on large vessels and oil rigs often requires the ability to lift very heavy objects hundreds of feet into the air. With these vessels’ ability to lift and maneuver extremely heavy and large sub-assemblies into position, floating cranes make it possible to assemble massive projects from many smaller assemblies in most weather conditions.

Building Oil Rigs
The advent of the heavy lifting cranes also allows contractors to assemble an off-shore oil rig in a matter of weeks. Floating cranes allow workers to build an entire oil rig much faster, and more reliably. This same task could take crews much longer to assemble without the use of this important piece of equipment. Floating cranes have been used for this purpose for many years and continue to be used in bodies of water all around the world.
Floating cranes are a great resource for a multitude of projects completed out at sea. Without these wonderful machines, it would be much more difficult for sea based businesses to function on a daily basis.

Work In Rough Sea Condition
The semi-submersible floating crane allows projects in terrain waters to be accomplished with minimal danger to the project and crew. This is due to the fact that most floating cranes are dispatched to areas far out at sea and then use sea water to pump their on board tanks with water to stay afloat while working. This allows these vessels to essentially sink into the ocean, giving it more stability and control to withstand quite treacherous weather conditions.